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Here is a list of our favorite links about pet health topics. We hope this list helps you with your pet's health needs.

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Guides to Potential Poisonous Materials


"Dr. Moseley and all of the staff are top notch."
Jul 30, 2013
"Dr. Moseley provided excellent service, as I expected. Have been taking my pets to Southwind for over 20 years and am very pleased with all the services they provide."
Jul 30, 2013
Theodore t.h, Germantown

Pet Adoption

We occasionally end up with small furry friends who are lacking a home. Pet adoption really helps young and old animals alike, and since they typically come from other family, it's likely to find pets that have already gotten use to people, good around kids, or have already been house trained.

We love to make sure each and every one ends up in a loving family, check out our Special Friends of Southwind adoptions page to see about bringing a new family member home!

See whose looking for a new home...