An Oral ATP (Assessment, Treatment, Prevention) is a comprehensive protocol for dealing with yout pet's dental needs. An Oral ATP includes cleaning, polishing, charting, full-mouth radiographs (x-rays), Oravet sealant application, an assessment of any disease found to be present, and a treatment plan for correction. A home care plan is designed for each individual pet to prevent further disease and minimize the pain and discomfort resulting from periodontal disease.

An Oral ATP performed at Southwind Animal Hospital includes the following:


A thorough preanesthetic physical exam will be performed on your pet. Blood and urine analyses will be evaluated to ensure it is safe for your pet to undergo anesthesia. Additional diagnostics such as an ECG or chest radiographs will be conducted if needed. Once your pet is safely under anesthesia, a full oral examination (tooth by tooth) and charting will be performed.


We clean and polish the crowns of the teeth as well as under the gumline. Each tooth is probed and radiographed. A fluoride treatment is then applied to each tooth. Finally Oravet (a dental sealant) is applied to retard the attachment of plaque. If advanced periodontal disease is found, a treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you at the end of the day.


A complimentary follow-up examination will be scheduled 2 weeks after the Oral ATP appointment. At this visit, we will discuss implementing teeth brushing at home as well as other products available that can help improve oral health.